Chinese School in Kolkata

Pei May Chinese School in Kolkata is striving hard to keep alive the tradition of a close-knit Chinese community.

Tangra region, popularly called `Chinatown` is home to thousands of local Chinese, famous for their culinary skills and restaurants serving mouthwatering ethnic cuisines.

The 75-year-old school, the only Chinese school in India, located in a narrow lane now booms with life as new batches of students fill the classrooms.

The community in recent times is combating the fast dying of traditions and culture amongst the new generation of whom more than half cannot read or write their mother tongue.

C T Lung, a veteran Chinese language teacher whose family in India dates back three generations, has taken up the job in an attempt to create interest among the younger generation in their culture.

It`s very important for our children to learn their mother tongue. It`s unfortunate if some one does not know his or her mother language. We are taking all efforts to teach them Mandarin so that they can develop a better understanding of Chin and its cultural heritage. It will also help them to read Chinese literary works,” said Lung.

Initially the school faced the problem of a shortage of texts, which are not available in India, but with the support of the Indian Chinese Association for Culture, Welfare and Development and the Chinese Embassy in India, they were brought in from Taiwan and China.

As part of the school curriculum, students are also taught Chinese literature and mathematics. These classes also give the children a chance to interact with one another and converse in Mandarin.

The young students are keen on learning their mother tongue.

“I want to learn Chinese language because even though I am staying in India I want to learn Chinese because I want to know more about my culture,” said Salena Chang, a young student.

Carol Young, another student said: “I want to learn Chinese because I want to know my mother tongue.”

The move has drawn full support of the parents.

The Chinese are the most prosperous of all the foreign communities that have settled in India. They made their way to the city during the late 18th century and by the mid 19th century had established themselves well as skilled industrious people.

There are as many as 7000 Chinese living in Calcutta city alone.

source: ZeeNews


  1. Sourav says:


    I am Sourav and i am interested in learning mandarin, i stay in kolkata and i dont know where to hit to learn real chinese can you help????

  2. leon says:

    sending you details … check your inbox 😉

  3. Vinod Mehta says:

    Maybe this is the wrong place to write in, but I would love to get in touch with Wong Ching Yong, who used to study with me in St. Anthony’s High School, Calcutta and used to live in Bow Bazar area. This was in 1970. We lost track after that. I believe later he entered the restaurant business and possibly emigrated to Canada. If he is reading this or anybody who knows about him, please inform by email

  4. Saugata Roy says:

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    I am also a native of Kolkata and am interested in learning the language. Would you please send me the details.


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    i live in park circus…could you please foward the sae details, so i could learn too..

    many thanks

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    I am keen to learn Chinese as well. Could you please send me the details?


  7. ycl1688 says:


    Does not matter where you look, it is a miracle if you would every find certain classmate. That Mr Wong, I have a certain faint memory of him if it is the right one, for one I know there is very few chinese students in St anthony school, I know this person used to play summer soccer morning game at Maidan with our group of friends. kind of a tall figure, if I remember his father or relative sell inert at Chinatown morning market, if my memory serve he used to bicycle to work at Waldorf restaurant at Park Street. Again i do not work CIA or another other spy network.

  8. Sunil lata says:

    I am looking a good job in China , That’s why i want to learn chiness language !

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    I am lalit and i am interested in learning mandarin, i stay in jaipur rajasthan and i dont know where to hit to learn real chinese can you help????

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    I have just completed my graduation,and am intersted in learning chinese as a foreign language..could you please help me by giving me some details of places from where I can learn the chinese language?

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    I am interested in learning Chinese language. I belong to Mumbai but study here in Kolkata. Could you please send me the details.

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  16. Vinod.S says:

    I hope PEI May school continues and builds up as a Chinese language learning centre. I wrote my first character in 1975 and have been learning the language with continued passion. I am looking for children text books that are useful to teach Indian primary school students. I also collect Chinese language dictionaries, both traditional and simplified Chinese. I will appreciate up dates

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    Hello! I am Gaurav Rawat here from Yangon. I am living in Kolkata now for sometime now. Please advice me where can I join to learn chinese language.

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    Hi, I am from Kolkata and very keen on learning eloquent Chinese for better job prospects in South-east Asia. Kindly guide me for the same with suggestions of institutions offering the learning of the language in Kolkata.

  20. Amaresh Biswas says:

    It is really a matter of proud to be a a Chinese school in the heart of Kolkata in India, far from china. I can’t resist me from praising Mr. CT Lung and his family for keeping continuous the flow of chinese language on the soil of India, far from their mother land. According to my personal opinion, not only the chinese people in India but the Indian should also learn the Chinese language to know the thousands year old highly developed chinese culture and tradition and also to make a srong cordial tie of friendship with the neighbouring chinese people and also the chinese spoken people of India. I know a little bit of Chinese. I learnt it for 2 years about 20 years ago. wo hai xihuan hanyu. xie-xie. zaijian

  21. Edward says:

    No comment. Try and get hold of Chinese in Plain English. The Easiest Way to Learn the Language. By Boye Lafayette De Mente. You may try, Oxford Book Stores . Good Luck

  22. Edward says:

    Hi Amaresh Biswas, you opinion in regard to learning Chinese Language, is interesting. But the dialect which you like to learn may be different, what you have in mind.

  23. K.BISWAS says:

    I seriously am interested to learn mandarin and learn about chinese culture.What courses are available regarding.Please guide me.


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    Dear Poulami i will recommend mandarin bcos it is one of the most widely spoken language. the link below can b sum help.
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