Chinese New Year 2009 – Lion Dance

Kolkata’s Phoenix Lion Dance Troupe at Tangra ChinaTown performing in one of the household at the 2nd day of Chinese New Year 2009.


  1. Ron says:

    I’ve found two short clippings about celebrating of Chinese New Year ( Year of the Ox ) with Lion Dance in Kolkata. One is in Old Chinatown – Tiretti Bazaar and the other in Tangra.

    You may want to post here in Youtube format for all readers to watch at their pleasure:

    The links are per below:-




  2. Dan says:

    The video is lively. Good job by all the Lion Dancers who performed/modelled it so perfectly well – a tradition of gaiety & cheerful spirit kept alive.

    One thing to note though that should be passed on to all those who perform Lion Dances:

    Traditionally, whenever a Lion steps into a household in a low bow – be it a family residential home or a business unit (offices, restaurants etc.), to greet, give luck and accept the fung pao (red lucky packet) and lettuce greens with fire-crakers bursting displaying colourful confetti etc., the lion should then bow out with its back towards the exit door – so as to retain the good luck it had brought in – remain with the household or business unit.

    Let’s not be overly superstitious, but this was the traditional rule that may no longer practise, not be known to new generations or the rule had been forgotten.

  3. michelle says:

    Thanks! would love to see more videos which will bring back old time memories to all of us abroad

  4. Bill says:


    Good catch. Yes, that’s the tradition for the lion dancers, they should always back out from a residence/business in a low bow. Maybe these youngsters were never taught this. In any event, wonderful job of carrying on the lion dance tradition. I remember going along with the lion dancers as a kid, my Dad was a regular drummer for the lion dance.

  5. michelle says:

    Dan, you a absolutely right and I hope this tradition will be carried on by the new generations too.

  6. Banasree Mandal says:

    Hi all,

    I was there at Tangra Chinatown in the 25th evening till 10.15 pm and enjoyed lion dance…. but New Year Programmes were not well started due to power cut… I could not stay there during midnight programmes…. can any one upload videos of New Year events after 10.15 pm?

    1. leon says:

      after that isn’t much show, during midnight all the lion dance troupe started visiting household till morning..