Chinese in India Support Earthquake Relief in China

China on Monday began a three-day national mourning for the tens of thousands of people killed in a powerful earthquake which struck the country’s southwest on May 12.

To show concern for the fellow Chinese in China, the Chinese in India is collecting earthquake relief fund in Chung Restaurant and will be donated through the Chinese Embassy in India.

Join the recovery efforts underway to assist earthquake victims in southwest China. Your donations will help survivors and other disaster victims rebuild their communities and their lives. 100% of contributions will help support emergency relief efforts in China.


  1. Slyvester says:

    Dear Chinese community brothers and sisters in Kolkata,

    Did you hear about a major natural disaster struck since August 8, 2009 and is still currently happening in many parts of Taiwan caused by the typhoon, torrential rains, landslides and mudslides; so much so that many tourist scenic hills and picturesque spots have vanished and so are many villages with many hundreds of lives buried alive in the flowing thick muddy water ? Bridges have fallen and dams are bursting and or about to burst and overflow. It causes hearts to break and tears to flow as these horrid scenes after scenes are flashed in the TV. There are many real miracle stories of survival reported.

    Right now at this moment, there is a national TV relief charity show in Taiwan broadcast live in Hong Kong and elsewhere for donations and help support of disaster relief for our brothers and sisters in Taiwan.

    Blood is thicker than water. Hugh donations poured in from PRC and Hong Kong governments and people. To further support the stricken folks and to help rebuild, the Hong Kong TV stations will join hands together with all their artistes and singers to stage a live charity show on August 17, 2009 and broadcast live to many countries around the world.

    Please say a prayer for those who perished or died so that they will rest in peace; for the families who have lost loved ones, they will find peace and strength to overcome the grief to stand up and live their new lives again.

  2. Li says:

    as one who once studied and lived in Taiwan, i’ve alot of affection to the wonderful people of Taiwan. Taiwan was and is still the place for many aspiring chinese youths from tangra – i’ve learnt alot of chinese cultures and values while spending my days there.

    i wish all people who suffered from the natural disaster well. i hope they will overcome all difficulties very soon.

    without going to taiwan, it is very difficult for tangra chinese to go to the u.s.

    GOD bless Taiwan.