Chinese Hakka Chow Mein

Below is a nice Hakka Song about a guy selling addictive noodles, that get more addictive the more you eat. Enjoy !! 😉

Chinese Hakka Chow mein is one of the most well known chinese food in India. Chow Mein is a generic Chinese term for a dish of stir-fried noodles, of which there are many varieties. Authentic chow mein is generally made of soft noodles.


  1. Banasree Mandal says:

    Hey Leon…. where do u get these?????
    I am madly searching for The Legend of Fat Mama….
    Do you have any link of that movie????

    I would like to talk to you regarding my PG Dissertation…
    Would you please give me your email id ??

  2. zhang ie says:

    wow!!! wonderful….
    remind me to my grandmother….
    miss u apho….. 🙁
    used to hear “nyong teuw fu” song and others…. you have it???
    this is my first day search for world-wide hakka community
    it’s amazing, i never imagine hakka people live in india, mauritius, africa, guatemala, iran, and many other countries…..
    ( i live in indonesia )

    leon ( and other friends ), thank you, please feel free to email me, i look forward to hear anything about hakka in other countries from you.


    zhang ie

  3. Slyvester says:

    Hi Leon,
    During school days ages ago, I liked to patronize a Hakka Restaurant ( a homely type) together with fellow Hakka students in Elliott Road that served yummy Yam Mein. I always felt that was really good and tasty. Understand that it is served with pork meat ( like char sieu ) and vegetables and that the noodle is cooked heavily marinated with pork oil ( lard ?? ).
    Can you post a recipe or a video that shows how this is prepared and cooked. Thanks.

  4. Lu says:

    What a beautiful song! Wonder how many hakka lives in kolkata.

  5. Dave says:

    If there is anyone who ha successfully replicated the beef chow mein of Johnson’s , (Rippon st) I will be most keen to get your recepie. I have never found any noodles to come close to what they sold and so it must be a lost cause of mine to find the holy grail!