Chinese Chilli Sauce

Chung Pao Chinese Chilli Sauce Commercial – Funny fictional ad for chinese chilly sauce


  1. ycl1688 says:

    Another delicious food around the table. This should not represent the chaotic family as a way of life. I know my family eating habit is like U S marine canteen
    not much conversation on table and of short duration. What if you are eating fish and too much talking will get you choke with bones.

  2. vivek says:

    Hi ycl LoL, The ad looked like there is kung fu going on the table with sticks in the hand.

  3. Chiao says:

    I really like the receipe of Hakka vegetable noodles, I am in states now ,I was born in Calcutta,I really do miss authentic Hakka Chinese noodles and Indian food

  4. jessieliao87 says:

    It’s so funny… everyone did a great job.. I really enjoyed it !!

  5. alex says:

    One of the funniest ad i have seen, I was just wondering is there any such brand in the market ?

  6. stephen says:

    Hi, the ad looked amateur, really not sure what the producer was trying to project or promote. im a film critics not professional, just like to share views and understand others views.
    -the beginning frame gave indication of short circuit. which was the case of the family just kidding. it gave a ghostly start.
    -chilli sauce was the theme, i could hardly see it, accept few second close to the end.
    -It certainly did not project good table manners.
    -The light and colour was very rich and texture was too hot. maybe to suit the theme of very spicy hot chilli sauce.
    -Lacked comedy but looked funny somehow.
    -Cant say much about the back ground music.

    -definitely full of action.
    -could have added a cute child instead of so many misbehave youngsters.
    my critics are debatable, please be my guest. It will be nice the producer share his views too.
    This is the 1st ad by the chinese i guess, thumps up to you guys, something is better than nothing!!

  7. Robert says:

    Just to give a bit of Background on the ad… the ad was shot by student’s of the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute as a part of their final year project work. I was there when they shot the film, as my sister was roped in as “Chinese Set Design” Consultant.

  8. stephen says:

    Hi robert please dont take it personally i was just trying to have constructive discussion and share views. It certainly not a bad job considering the budget the student get to work and the limitation they have, considering all that it is not a bad job, the actors did a great job too as i know kolkata chinese are very conservative and shy, they participated in this ad is a thumps up. Thats the reason i was sharing my view so that every one can put their input and our view can be broaden. Thanks for the info.

  9. ycl1688 says:

    There is first time for everything.

  10. Robert says:

    Hi Stephen…
    Thanks for your comment, the info that I had provided wasn’t to justify the quality of the ad, it was just something I wanted to share with the rest.

    In fact your comments were very inciteful, me being a film buff fully appreciate your comments, and I do hope that those guys who made the film would chance upon this page, it would be a good learning for them too 🙂

    As for the acting part… yes, getting chinese actors and actresses were a big big headache, those who did participated were very sporting.