Choong Yee Thong- Chinese Cemetary in Kolkata

Choong Yee Thong Cemetery is the Chinese Cemetery in Kolkata, India. The oldest Chinese cemetery in India. It is now undergoing maintenance.

01 – Local kid playing.

02 – Work started.

03 – Old walls demolished.

04 – New walls coming up.

05 – New walls.

06 – Partly old walls on the right.. to be completed.

07 – New look.

08 – Whitewashing yet to be done.

09 – Outside boundary wall to be raised.

10 – Outside boundary wall raised.. incomplete.

If you would like to donate for this project you can contact:
Choong Yee Thong Church
19, Meredith Street
Kolkata 700013
Ph: 2237 4690


  1. Howard says:

    You guys are doing a goood job I appreciated, even though I am not living close to you guys but my heart is always at home in Dhapa, seeing my granny’s grave not far off from your picture here makes my tears flow. I should be like one of you guys in charge of Dhapa’s affair but instead living quietly like private citizen Mulroney. Will watch out for you guys at all time so stay in touch.

  2. satinslove says:

    dear all,
    please be informed, your goodwill is being watched by ancestors. They are blessing you for every effort you take in maintaining the rich culture and preserving the holy resting places of the deceased.

    They may not be around in flesh, but certainly do so in spirit.

    blessings to u all