Chinese Singing Indian Songs

This is a very cool video of a Taiwanese/Chinese guy singing an Indian song on Taiwans version of American Idol. Not only is he singing the song very well, but this guy is actually doing Shahrukh Khan dance moves in the song.

Story from afar – Part 2

Here are the next series of the story, after a few years’ time. Enjoy.

Indian Michael Jackson

Indian Michael Jackson – Yet another Famous Indian Songs popularized by Taiwan University Students in Taiwan.

Video by Taiwan Hakka TV Channel

No Smoking – Hakka Song

Hakka Song – I am Hakka

how indian chinese celebrates chinese new year in kolkata video

How Indian Chinese celebrates Chinese New Year in kolkata. These videos is like 3 years old lol. Enjoy lol 😛

The Legend Of Fat Mama Video

The Legend Of Fat Mama (23 min) West Bengal/India, 2005, Directed by Rafeeq Ellias.

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