Chak Dhoom Dhoom Contestant – Cyrus Wong

Hakka Skit 2010 Toronto

India vs China: Will India surpass China ?

India vs China: Will India surpass China ? Courtesy: Phoenix TV Language: Putonghua (Mandarin) It is interesting to see Indians speaking so fluent and meticulous Mandarin here. They put many Chinese who cannot speak their mother tongue to shame. Enjoy.

The Founding of a Republic

The Founding of a Republic – The film was made to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party founding of China. The film boasts the most number of China’s movie stars in one film. Many of the top stars were invited to star as leads, supporting characters, or just cameo in the […]

Videos of Dhapa and Pei May

India Calcutta Dhapa and Pei May Videos by Hakka TV

Blooming Pei May

Blooming Pei May – This is a tale of Chinese immigrants, who came over a period of two centuries and settled in Kolkata. The narrative follows their story, their unbeatable spirit and the diversity they lend to the Indian tapestry.

Chinese Chilli Sauce

Bow Barracks Forver

Bow Barracks Forver is about residents of a small Anglo-Indian community in the lively metropolis of Kolkata try to preserve their unique identity in this moving drama from India.

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