Tangra Asian Fusion Cuisine

Big Boss Chinese Restaurant


Beijing Chinese Restaurant in Tangra

Liu gauged the success of Kimling for eight long years before she decided to delve deeper into the culinary business. Her second venture Beijing upped its shutters on 77/1 Christopher Road in 1999.

Tangra Kafulok Restaurant

Quite a long trek from the main food hub, Kafulok is tucked away in one of the bylanes of Tangra. But that doesn’t prevent the restaurant from having a full house on weekend evenings.

Hakka Indian Style Chinese Cuisine

Yet another Famous Hakka Indian Style Chinese Restuarant in foreign land.

Tangra Wok Indian Chinese Restaurant

After knowing there is a tangra masala , i google searched and found out yet another pretty famous tangra chinese indian restaurant that have mushroomed out from it’s orgins … here is a small brief introduction of TangraWok

Tangra Masala Review

I didn’t know that Chinese Indian food orgin from tangra is also famous worldwide … Below is a review of tangra masala indian chinese restaurant by NYIndia.us

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