Salt and Pepper Restaurant

Salt and Pepper Restaurant is renowned for being the master of hakka style chinese cuisine in toronto.

Tangerine Asian Cuisine

Tangerine Asian Cuisine is specializes in Hakka Chinese Food. The Hakka food is cooked with various Indian spices such as famous Chicken Pakora or Chilli Chicken. Tangerine Asian Cuisine chef is originally from Bombay (Mumbai) who has mastered the Hakka cooking over the years and opened on July 17, 2003.

Dal Chini Restaurant- Hakka Chinese Cuisine

Dalchini Restaurant, London’s pioneering restaurant serving Hakka Chinese cuisine, is simple yet smart. Indians and travellers to the subcontinent are familiar with this cuisine. To most it is comfort food when they miss India. The Hakka restaurant cuisine is a wonderful marriage of oriental techniques with Indian ingredients.

Shaolin Village Restaurant

Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

Kim Kim restaurant

Kim Kim restaurant is posting a new threads to the old restaurant like Fredericks and Lin garden. Managed by the students from York university, It bring not only the quality of food but also the form of management into the traditional hakka style of management.

Shiang Kong

Shiang kong indian hakkas Favourite?

Federick Restaurant

Federick Restaurant

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