Kwai-Yun Li

Kwai-yun Li’s Hakka parents emigrated from Moi-yen, China, to Calcutta, India, where Kwai was born. She grew up in Chattawalla Gully in the old part of the city, and emigrated to Canada through an arranged marriage in the 1970s. She has written about her childhood in Calcutta in her various books including The Palm Leaf […]

Chinese Diaspora in India

Ethnic Minority Community in a Transnational World: The Case of Chinese Diaspora in India by Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, Junior Research Fellow (UGC) at the University of Hyderabad.

First Chinese in India, Tong Achi at Achipur

For most Calcuttans, food is the main draw at China Town. Others mostly go there to buy shoes or to get their dry cleaning done. But the Chinese community in the city has much more to offer than proficiency in a handful of trades. Their history is illustrious and dates back more than a couple […]

Buddha Light International Association Kolkata

The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories

The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories: and other stories by Kwai-Yun Li. TSAR Publications, P.O. Box 6996, Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1X7, Canada. 108 pages. $18.95.

Kolkata Chinese Feng Shui Master

The Legend of Fat Mama

Ellias with the girl who posed for the film?s poster as a baby at Bengal Club on Thursday. Picture by Amit Datta

Chinese Indian Idol – MeiYang Chang

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