Bentick Street Chinese Shoe Shops

even a few years ago, shoes from good old chinese shops were in great demand among middleclass puja shoppers. strappy sandals, stilettos, block heels, ballerinas were big draws in the women’s section while formal and informal shoes in myriad styles and colours attracted all-budget buyers in the men’s section.

Sino-Indian War 1962

Unable to reach political accommodation on disputed territory along the 3,225-kilometer-long Himalayan border, the Chinese attacked India on October 20, 1962. At the time, nine divisions from the eastern and western commands were deployed along the Himalayan border with China. None of these divisions was up to its full troop strength, and all were short […]

School of Chinese Language in Kolkata

ROYAL BENGAL GROUP announces the opening of The School of Chinese Language for teaching authentic Mandarin (Chinese) with correct phonetics and a bit of Chinese culture.

Blood, Sweat & Mahjong

Blood, Sweat, and Mahjong is a famous book written by  Ellen Oxfeld.

Kolkata Chinese New Year

Olympics & Chinese Consulate in Kolkata

Understandably perturbed over the barrage of criticism his country is facing on the eve of an event — the Olympics — it had staked its prestige on, the Chinese Consul General in Kolkata, Mao Siwei, declared that mixing sport and politics, as the Tibetans and some of their supporters were trying to do, was a […]

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