Kolkata Chinese Celebrate China National Day

Celebrate 59th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China , Successfully hosted Beijing Olympic Games and Highest Gold Medal Winner Dinner Party.

Happy Moon Festival

India first ever individual olympic gold medal

Olympic Games come to Kolkata ChinaTown

Children at Pei Mei Chinese Secondary School in the eastern fringe of Kolkata didn’t watch the opening ceremony in Beijing on television. On Friday, they had their own opening ceremony. For, they were having their own Olympics, and loving it.

Chinese Indians celebrate Olympics

Tangra basks in Beijing Olympic glow

Tangra basks in Beijing Olympic glow - Dragon dance, community dinner to celebrate triumph of land of ancestors

Only Chinatown in India

India’s only Chinatown could be just a memory if the remaining tanneries are forced out. But some Chinese are trying to revitalize the community and turn Tangra into a business hub. Words and pictures: Emma Levine

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