Hakka Synergy Dance Studio

If you still remember, almost a year back the Sexy & I Know It (Hakka) by Synergy Dance Studio Fatt Choi Song went viral.

Sabah Hakka Style – Gangnam Style Parody

With the Gangnam style fever going around the world, check out this funny hakka style

Hakka Skit 2010 Toronto

Chinese Chilli Sauce

High Speed Trains Coming in India

Trains travelling at 300 km an hour could become a reality in India, according to Union Minister of State for Railways R Velu. On his recent visit to China, the minister held talks with Chinese authorities on the transfer of technology for highspeed trains.

Dhunseri IT Park in Kolkata

Famous Indian songs in Taiwan

This song is pretty famous in Taiwan. I Bet almost all the college students have watched. It’s the creator of the subtitle that makes this song so popular. Some what like the MTV lost in translation.

Ah Po Mai Ham Choi

Funny hakka song !! Check it out !

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