Bow Barracks Forver

Bow Barracks Forver is about residents of a small Anglo-Indian community in the lively metropolis of Kolkata try to preserve their unique identity in this moving drama from India.

Bow Barracks Forever is a film about the triumph of the human spirit. It is not easy to fight back the march of progress. And progress brings with it change-change that is often painful, that breaks continuity, that destroys tradition, history, the power and the passion of communities that have lived and grown together over decades.

Anjan Dutt’s film, simple, powerful, almost pleading for hope, captures the real life story of a tiny but resolute Anglo Indian community right in the heart of bustling north Kolkata trying desperately to keep alive its hopes, dreams, aspirations-and its identity, as the world around them changes swiftly and tries to impose that change on them and their lives.

It is a tale of heart breaking loneliness and immense courage. It is a film we are proud to put out. For we, as a production house, believe that film makers like Anjan Dutt not only challenge us to look at life differently but also tell us apocryphal tales about brave, lonely people who fight their destiny and, in the process, redefine the landscape of Indian cinema. Bow Barracks Forever is a film that will stay with you for years. Written by Pritish Nandy

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  1. Mark says:

    I tried to watch the above without any success even after several trials.

    In its stated form from links above, it takes voluminous storage space and time that most PCs would be unable to support.

    Appreciate if anyone here could break this into small pockets and have them crafted out into youtube formats for viewing.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. leon says:

    youtube only provides 10 mins video clip and Bow Barracks Forever Movie is more than an hour long.

  3. ycl1688 says:


    I believe this movie was produced few years ago, it is little difficult to get it online as most of the links have been removed. The other alternate would be to
    rent it from your local video store.

  4. Alice Leong says:

    Yeah…I would love to watch this video, Im in the US…but problem is downloading…takes a long time….could someone reformat the video like the one Story from afar part 1 & 2…this way all the asians from abroad can have a chance to see something of the past that once was part of their life…Thank you so much..

  5. ycl1688 says:

    missing part 1
    something is better than nothing
    the rest are here


  6. lee Sen says:

    Hi ycl, the above link dont seemed to work. About the dvd, renting movie days are gone, now the dvd are very reasonable (copied version), i heard cd’s are available for 20-25 bucks and dvd for 50 bucks, one dont have to return the dvd and no membership fee. I think you have left India long time back. I wanted to watched the movie since i have also been there, a cousin used to lived in bentinct street.Can anyone upload the movie for us!

  7. Mark says:

    Leon and ycl,

    Somehow and sometime ago, I managed to watch this full movie from a different link. It took me a few days to watch the entire movie because the links kept breaking and as the saying goes: beggars cannot be choosers. So, I stayed patiently until I watched the full length of it completely.

    I have been staying abroad for decades and have made various attempts to get hold of a DVD of this movie but to no avail – as I know it wasn’t a box office hit, with low ratings and low revenues income, whereas other Bollywood movies are easily available in local Indian shops.

    The reason I was asking to get this movie converted into youtube format was to benefit those Indian Chinese overseas ( like Alice & lee Sen above ) with an opportunity to watch this movie and get a feel of their times in the past.

    A word of caution: It is frightening to access Indian webs and links, so are the Chinese ones, since the homepage owners are so intelligent and sophisticated that they once you accessed their homepages, they can easily implant, import and download dangerous Trojan Virus into your computer systems. One needs to be extremely cautious and not to click on the webs not trusted. They can ride over your computers and get passwords, codes, bank account and credit card info. In worst scenarios, they can put your computer system down to rest forever corrupting the hard disk drive. However, I do trust this site. Leon, you give me that confidence.

    On Bow Barracks Forever, it is a fiction of sex and romance story. While it is not a real life drama, it had tarnished and demonised the residents there where casual sex and violence are norms of the day. There were protests from the residents for misguiding the movie audience, but to no avail. Enjoy.

  8. vivek says:

    Hi lee, You too must have left long time, movie rental business has gone corporates like reliance, just check the link http://rental.bigflix.com/bigflix/Home . Im also trying to get the dvd heard about the movie, I heard the ango indian community was not happy with the movie, they protested during the premier. the movie projected the community in a negative way. Ycl you are always kind to upload. Its a big movie will be difficult to source in the net. Sorry i could be of much help.

  9. ycl1688 says:

    The link I set up earlier should let you watch the remaining two parts of the movie. Since Mark already divulge some of the plot you could easily figure out the opening part. Make sure you download the software for mega video and stay away from Microsoft IE, that is the most vulnerable and targeted internet search engine in the world, use google chrome or firefox instead. Since the last two engines are developed by a group of sources scatter all over the world, just like coca cola formula is not in one piece and no one can know the entire formula.

    I agreed with Mark virus and spam could corrupt your computer.

  10. ycl1688 says:

    Bong connection – A movie

    You might have to search for parts in you tube.

    old fashioned Calcutta, the family house, the usual joint family issues playing side by side with the pseudo comic struggles of a desi guy who lands in US on H1. Credible performances all around. Whichever way you look, there is a lot to relate to most desis who are/were in US.

    And to top it off, it has a great song – brimming with thought provoking lyrics that makes you stare at a blank wall while your mind plays a technicolor flashback…

    Check it out.

    English subtitles seemed redundant – felt as though one could understand every scene without knowing a single Bengali word.

  11. richard says:

    Hi ycl, Very nice bengali songs, it reminded me of my young age, We would go to scoop ice cream parlour on the bank of hoogly on Sundays, it was like MaC Donald of calcutta. Really had good times looking at the rivers and the fishing boats, The famous Howrah bridge on the right,
    Cant forget the morning walk in Eden garden next to the hoogly . I wonder all the old chinese Ahpak and Ahpho still go for morning walk in eden garden. I remember vividly the sky is still dark (sun yet not rise)and all the oldies in group walking all the way to eden garden, We go on the cycle in a group, Did lot of naughty things fishing in the pond. The darwan used to chase us. Those were the days i missed.

  12. ycl1688 says:


    Those were the good old days indeed. Every summer morning we used to gather at Maidan play soccer take our bicycles ride after the game. Those moments were priceless and cherished forever in my mind.

  13. simon says:

    Richard & ycl, it really bought back my memory too, cricket and soccer we used to play very often, during rainy season, i remember what fun we used to have playing soccer with muds all over our body soaking in the rain it was fun, good old days. those golden moment we can only cherish forever.
    I wish we can go back and live those moment again.

  14. richard says:

    Hey guys check these pic of eden garden and maidan, will bring back fond memories…..Sorry guys couldnt get more pic of maidan.
    Eden Garden looked very well maintained than before our times.
    Burmese pagoda next 2 the lake, during winter the lake will be filled with Lotus and if you go early you will see the fog every where amazing.
    Maidan; i can see akashvani bhavan radio station behind in pink and high court

  15. Patricia says:

    Hey Richard,

    The Eden garden still looks fresh and well maintained. It has been 10yrs since I went back to Kolkarta, looking for the opportunity to go back to my home town to see the last glimpse of Kolkarta.

  16. Mainku says:

    Dear Mr. Leon,
    Can you provide a better link for Bow Barracks forever? I’ve downloaded this movie from the link provided by you but only half of the movie works.