Beijing Welcome You [MV] 2008 Olympic Game


  1. chan_tak_man says:


    Great job to you and the entire team for coming up with this blog with updates.

    Would like to see more videos or pictures of Chinatown in Tiretta Bazar, if possible. Also, the DVD put up on Fat Mama.

    I am formerly from Calcutta Chinatown.

    Cheers, Chan tak man

  2. Thien says:

    Hi Chan tak man,
    thanks for ure comment, well i have the Fat Mama video but the problem is that its a .DAT file and i have to convert that, but currently i dont have time, so hopefully when i get time ill upload it in this blog.

    peace !!

  3. purple_haze says:

    im new here,i reckon theres a lot of online activity going on around here which is of good reading material – enhancing our knowledge about our so called ‘home town china town’. i look forward to reading, blogging sharing and learning.

  4. leon says:

    hi purple.

    feel free to contribute some post and help the fire keep goin’ 🙂