Beijing Chinese Restaurant in Tangra

Liu gauged the success of Kimling for eight long years before she decided to delve deeper into the culinary business. Her second venture Beijing upped its shutters on 77/1 Christopher Road in 1999.

“Despite the restaurant boom in other parts of the city, the demand for the Tangra brand of Chinese was always on the rise. We were not being able to accommodate the footfall pressure in Kimling and hence we decided to expand,” she remembers.

With bright crimson interiors and 300 covers, Beijing remains one of the most popular eateries in the hub.

“In Beijing, the stress is on specialities that usually don’t feature on the menu of other restaurants. These recipes are kept secrets in our kitchen,” she smiles.

Liu recommends delicacies such as Fried Meatballs, Peking Chicken (breast of chicken cooked in Hoisin Sauce), Thai Chicken (boneless pieces of Chicken cooked in Thai leaves and other spices) and Steam Fish.


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  2. terence mandle says:

    Will any good sould please tell me where i can go to Tangra and get a decent genuine Cantonese meal with Pork

    i’m tired of the indianised grub and desperate to eat the family type cooked cantonese grub with Pork.

    Plsssss…. any house/ small joint and not one of the fancy places which are dishing out crap in the name of Chinese grub to people.

  3. ycl1688 says:


    you have to go where the locals eat in Tangra, along the stretch of road leading past those big and fancy restaurants, you will find some smaller and decent joints on top of my head there is Evergreen on the left side of the road, give this a try. As for a restaurant can have off day and your appetite is towards pork that I cannot recommend the exact dish. Any how what I know of Evergreen restaurant they are cater to local chinese functions such as wedding, birthdays and so on. I know they are decent and honest people to deal with. As the saying goes ‘customer is always right’, if you find something good hang on to it, otherwise for everything there is always a first time. I understand the restaurants business are booming in Tangra, the last I heard it has 300 restaurants in the area, even you go twice a week to eat if my calculation is right, it is enough to satisfy your taste bud for 3 plus years.

  4. Shiva says:

    I always enjoyed chinese food at Golden Dragon Restaurant at Park Street. I have visited Tangra few times hoping for a delicious meal but was disappointed.

    Can any one suggest some restaurants in Tangra which does not have Bar/Alcohol & does good food.

  5. ycl1688 says:

    just had a wonderful dinner at Evergreen in Tangra, the mouth watering shang kong (cow stomach) with bean sprout and tangy lemon peel, fish fillet with vegetable, youn tofu just to name a few. It is an unforgettable culinary experience.