Assembly of God Church School

Assembly of God Church School is a reputed co-coeducational institution in Kolkata. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi (ICSE board). It is a Christian school that aims at providing education not only to all Christian children but to children of different communities as well. The senior section of the school comprises a section for National Open School which was founded in 1993. Assembly of God Church School has branches in Tollygunge, Purulia and Haldia.

History of Assembly of God Church School

The school was founded on January 20th , in 1964 on 18/1, Royd Street, Calcutta. The school had 16 teachers and 230 students at that time. In the year 1986, a Junior College and a Secondary School was set up on 125/1, Park Street, Kolkata. The Junior school starting from Nursery to class VI remained at the same location at the Royd Street. A day session comprising nursery to class VIII was opened at the same premises in the year1987. During that time the school provided just milk and biscuits to the children. Today it caters to the need of 25,000 children.

Official WebSite: http://www.agschool.in/


  1. Matt says:

    This is an extraordinary and outstanding Anglo-Indian school, having an out-of-the-box concept from its very humble beginning.

    In 1964, it opened its doors as a co-educational school. In that era, most Anglo-Indian schools were either for boys or girls only in traditional form(like La Martiniere for boys and La Martiniere for girls – separating boys and girls).

    The school originated with only one class each upto class V. In the following years, it added one higher standard class up a year until it became a full high school in 1970 reaching class XI (ISC – Senior Cambridge). With educational system subsequently changed in India, it is now catered to ICSE (Class X) and ISC (Class XII) etc.

    The school continue to excel as one of the top English medium schools in the city bearing top external examinations’ results – on par and comparable with other top graded Anglo-Indian schools.

    Like the Chinese alumni of Asansol schools, this may be a good site for those Indian Chinese past students of AG to stay or get connected, too.

  2. Ian says:

    I have lost contacts with a few Chinese friends from AG since 1971 – the second batch of ISC in which there were a few Chinese alumni. Thereafter, more Chinese friends in 1972 onwards. All from Royd Street campus.

    Anyone knowing their names and whereabouts please advise.

  3. ycl1688 says:


    I am curious about your last name. If you do not want to disclose that is fine.

    This may help


    You may set up your contact by providing your info, if you wish in DHAPA FORUM.

  4. lao7878 says:


    I am a product of AG, graduated 1975. When did you graduate ?

  5. Kaiz says:

    I was a student in AG Royd Street from 1964 to 1971 when I graduated from ISC. I witnessed the school humbling beginnings.

    Maybe, I am one of those old timers, hence cannot find anyone familiar names in classmates.com.

  6. ycl1688 says:


    I believe you are one of the first batch of graduates of AG along with Russel Franks, unfortunately russel passed away in a private plane crash. I presume from your name you are the original record holder of distance running, if not I am wrong I apologize.
    As for looking up old classmates it is like looking for needle in haystack. It all has to start with the AG school effort to set up contact list with old students, I believe the expansion of AG will not keep them too busy with this matter.

  7. richard says:

    Hi, I was also the student of AG’s for very short time, before migrated to taiwan. I have participated in the race, regret to say I have failed many times. Honestly I tried very hard. If I had stayed longer, I may have won some medals.
    I heard they have converted the board to National Open School, wonder how true?

  8. vivek says:

    Hi richard, AG’s did not convert to NOS.they have introduce the delhi board to the school. Some of their students lives in our neighbour hood, that’s why i know.

  9. Mark says:

    Here below is the extract from AG School hompage – http://www.agschool.in/ on Public Examinations:

    The School prepares its children mainly for the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. Examinations of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi.

    However, the school has also been granted accreditation by the National Open School, New Delhi for the opening of a Study Centre from May 1994 for Foundation, Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations. The first batches were examined in November 1994 and May 1995.

    The Principal reserves the right not to present any child for the above examinations if, after the preliminary examination, such a child does not meet the required criteria. Parents and guardians undertake, on the admission of their children, to abide by the decision of the Principal.

    Can anyone tell me what is National Open School Examinations and what’s the difference between it and ICSE/ISC ? Thanks

  10. vivek says:

    Hi Mark, im not sure about the date, maybe it has occur in those years. What I have come to know about NOS. One can enrol in this board without going to school or attending it however it can also be enrol from a school which are accredited by the board. Where as ICSE/ISC. are more school oriented, If one need to enrol in this board have to attend the school accredited by the board. This board does not consider the other option.

  11. Barunava Sarker says:

    I joined AG Church School in 1970, Class X, and passed out with the Class of 1971. I was in the science stream. Difficult to remember names now but will give it a try.
    Biology – Mr Singh (slim and strict), Chemistry – Mr Singh, a more portly and jovial brother of my Biology teacher, Physics – Ms Paul, Mathematics – a kind and motherly Bengali lady (forget her name), Hindi – Mr Shaw (tall, bald, bespectacled, elegant and always properly attired), English – Mr Sassoon, Russel Franks passed out in 1970 and took some of our English classes, Principal – Mrs Shaw.
    Classmates in the science stream:
    Tejinder Kaur (the only girl), David Chang, Jyoti Mukherjee, and I forget the rest, though, I can picture some of them.
    Other classmates:
    Helen Reilly, Bonny Buntain (Pastor Buntain’s daughter) she was with us for short durations (we went on a science trip to Vizag), I recollect many other faces but, unfortunately, cannot recall their names.

  12. ycl1688 says:

    As an observer of AG school, slim Singh is the controversial teacher of the school, mouthful of anti-US words and always have affairs with students (as the rumors mill always surround him), yet the school that pays his salary funded by
    US dollars, AG at times could not shake off by the nick name of American Goondas, yet the majority of the students headed to US, Russel Franks passed away in a plane crash in US, Ronald Shaw an american trained principal at AG for few years. Mr Sasson with his humor headed to UK as a teacher. Bony Buntain
    with her mother still doing charity at Kolkata. Anyways with the greatly expansion of AG operation, it turn into a campus at Park street, thanks to the great work of Pastor Buntain. It is the showmanship of missionary that makes AG one of the richest schools of Kolkata, as the headlines involve providing more than ‘milk and biscuits’ to its students. It is great of you to remember some names of the students of those bygone years.

  13. Class of 1971 says:

    Hi Barunava,

    I’m surprised to find you here. I want you to guess the writer whose name could be one of those you already mentioned or I mentioned below.

    Well, I can help you to recollect some of your lost memory. Mrs Abraham (a South Indian)is the Maths teacher. Both she and fat Singh and the Bengali teacher ( Mrs Roychudhury} had passed away. So is our classmate Abraham Chacko. Our Hindi teacher was Mrs Kessop. Your other classmates are Rana Mazumdar, Gautam Mukherjee, Sandeep Singh, Subhro Korak Nath. SK is working in AG offices with Roberta Jackson (nee Renny) and Malcolm Joseph who both are in the Humanities stream. The other Bengali girls Suvra Mukherjee and Madhumita Banerjee, do they ring a bell… Some other students from top of my head – Jyotsna Tiwathia, Kaizer Hararwala, Shaibatul Hamd, Joseph Mathai, Elizabeth Peterson, Vinita Paul, Olamae Hydes, Gloria Fraser, Terence Venancio, Merlin Jones, Prosanta Das, Visalakshmi Nayar, Subir Sen…..

    It’s now 40 years since our graduation and I’m sure we all have grey hair and wrinkles in our faces. So, what are you doing now ? You may want to give an update about yourself and leave your email or contact address. Say Hi to your younger brother Tarunava. BTW, your name is inscribed in the Honours List (Hall of Fame)in the school hall at Park Street.

    From your batchmate of 1971

  14. ycl1688 says:

    wonder how to get the hall of fame list of AG.

  15. AGite says:


    The honours lists of toppers at AG, over the years, since the first batch of students was sent for Senior Cambridge Exams (ISC) in 1970 are inscribed in two wooden boards and framed up at both sides of the front stage at G.D. Shaw Auditorium Hall of AG School in Park Street. Since the education system had changed, the Board now displays both ICSE and ISC toppers separately. While on my last visit to campus, I have taken pictures of them and delighted to see a few Chinese student names making to the top.

    When did you graduate in AG ?

  16. ycl1688 says:

    would 1973-75 do able ? thanks.

  17. Barunava Sarker says:

    Are you Jyoti Mukherjee??

  18. ycl1688 says:


    waiting for the elusive honors list for the last few months. anyone has it ? have to buy it from some source ?

  19. AGBatchmate71 says:

    I have two snapshots of AG Honours List, but this blog does not have paste function to enable upload. I tried this many times before to post here. Anyway, will post all the names as per the Honours List here. Stay tuned.

    Ronny (Tarunava) was last heard working at an overseas assignment with Axis Bank in Singapore. So, he is now back to Mumbai and still with Axis. As for yourself, where are you now and what are you doing ? It’s 40 years since our graduation in AG and most of us now have grey hair and wrinkles on our faces. Still vividly remember the ecology trip to Visagapathnam with thin Singh, our then Biology teacher, when we were in class X. Mrs. Annie Lawrence was tasked to take care of our food as cook and Bonnie Buntain joined us too on the trip. In those days, it was one of the first ever trips in AG to take students out on field study. During one of those unlucky days on said trip, when thin Singh heard about our talking behind his back of his affair with Tejinder, he summoned us all to a room for lecture. It was really funny. Wow, those were the days my friend……………

  20. ycl1688 says:

    Thanks for trying, it will be easier send the pictures to our administrator, see if lyon can handle it.
    Talking about thin singh, hate to back chat a person, yet something still forever etched in my mind. Every morning chapel, this is open and in plain sight, when he is in charge of ushering students to their seats in the house of god, his attitude is deploying and like herding sheep at sunset, howling and screaming, while the hymns of ‘onward christian soldiers’ and ‘battle hymm
    of the republic’ blurring from the background. It was a battlefield scenario.
    Yet those were the days.