Ah Po Mai Ham Choi

Funny hakka song !! Check it out !


  1. leon says:

    haha … nice find thien .. thanks for sharing this cool hakka chinese songs 🙂

  2. Banasree Mandal says:

    hi Thien,

    hi Leon,

    Can you translate this song in english???????

  3. Thien says:

    lol im not good in hakka. maybe leon can help u out .. cuz his hakka is betta hehe

  4. leon says:

    it’s about “an old lady selling salted vegetables”.

  5. Banasree Mandal says:

    But where is a lady? A man is singing the song….

  6. Ah Wan says:

    Hi Mandal,
    I guess thats the reason y it is funny………………….

  7. osdlkin says:

    Granny goes grocery shopping.
    The market has zillions of types of fresh tasty fruits and vegetables.
    But what one family member likes, the other family member hates.
    So granny ends up buying preserved vegetable.

  8. vivek says:

    It been a while, Talk about chinese food my mouth water.
    I believe Chinese only like fresh, im already big fan of chinese food and have develop quite a taste for it, wont believe bean curd (i think its call Tobo in chinese) taste strange before, now it bring water to my mouth not to mention other items.

  9. ycl1688 says:


    Tofu is the most popular basic food ingredient in chinese cooking, it is similar to paneer, it is a tedious process of making tofu, you have to grind it and make a paste out of it. If you ever come across bean curd with fish meat on top (looks like flury’s pastry) steamed, you mouth will water even more. So next time you head to tangra try your negotiating power to ask the restaurant owner for bean sprout stir fried.

    In the video the singer sung about the Cameron Heights in Malaysia where all the vegetables are coming from. One thing good is water crest, famous in that part of the world, I used to get water crest supply from Darjeeling, a person who drive locomotive for Indian Railways.

  10. jessieliao87 says:

    Ah pho mai ham choy,,, tung wa,, si kwa… hahaha ^^ hen hao la….. :p

  11. ycl1688 says:


    Please try to write some explanation in english so non chinese people can understand what you are writing about. From what i understand you are writing about yellow melon, water melon in the market look really good.

  12. ycl1688 says:

    Song about a guy selling addictive noodles, that get more addictive the more you eat. sung by famous hakka singer hsu ching yun.