Want to know when is Chinese New Year ?

Ah Fat Chong at New Market – famous guy of our time.


  1. Doug says:


    There is no write-up on this titled article.

    What is Ah Fat Chong famous or renown for ? BTW, who is he – an introduction of his background needs to be revealed to Indian Chinese outside of the Kolkata domain.


  2. ycl1688 says:

    Here is what i know of ah fat chong, he is an adopted son of liu fon ling
    a resident of Kolkata. His father is a cane furniture waver in Kyd Street many years ago around 60s.

    As a youth Ah fat chong used to sell shiu mai and fell into hard times, end up his life as beggar around Nizam’s area.

    TO make a story short he is not the best of Chinese youth. This kind of young man fell out of society deserves a guidance not look down upon.

    Anyway it is a waste of life of this youth. Hope someone can learn from this man. Not to take easy money.

  3. Doug says:

    Thanks ycli for the update on Ah Fat Chong.

    You are right. If the story is true – it is indeed a living real-life experience of learning for the youths of Indian Chinese today of not to fall prey to easy money and self indulgence that would lead to begging in the streets.

    Other than that, I do not see much meaning of posting his picture up here when they are better stories to share.

    Leon, What is the connection of “Want to Know When Is Chinese New Year” with Ah Fat Chong ?

  4. leon says:

    he is the guy that can tell you the date of Chinese new year.

  5. Lili says:

    I remember my aunt talking about him when I was growing up. He was my aunt’s classmate, very intelligent. Just like a Cinderalla story, he did have a step mother who would beat him up with the Chinese wooden slipper on his head. The beating took a bad turn and affected his brain. Being poor and having a cruel step mom he landed up helping at Mong Kuang school’s temple. Later he used to help Chinese women carry the groceries to the cars in new market hoping that he would get some tips.

    I remember whenever we used to go to the temple when we were small, we loved to asked him of the Chinese new years dates. He could tell us the dates upto 20 years in advance…but at that age we did believe him!!!

  6. Engkent says:

    he is the guy that fell in the sewer and i laughed at him

  7. ling says:

    There seems to be alot of interests on Ah Fat Chong here with his true life story revealed.

    Who actually is he ? – a beggar, a New Market Chinese coolie, a Moi Kong temple keeper, a street stall shiu mai vendor, a Cindarella re-incarnation or an astrologer ?

    To sum up many readers’ comments here, he is more of a joker….., too sad that his background is being ridiculed.

  8. ycl1688 says:

    To clear the doubts posted by ling.

    Here is what I know of this Mystery man Mr Liu,

    Early life as teenager used to sell shiu mai for brief period, then life fell apart as a beggar/collie at New Market.

    Then at Mei Kuang temple as helper during 1st and 15th day of chinese calender usually is busy with devotees. Last i heard he is drawing salary from the temple.

    If you ever wonder who he is, he must have a talent to be an astrologer that part I do not know.

  9. bupendra says:

    this man ah fat chong is a role model of indian chinese youths today. he is also a hero to the younger indian chinese generations.

  10. Ling Tai says:

    In today’s date, any young guy from Tangra who is removed from his dad’s hard earned money, will end up being Ah Fat Chong. vis a vis a coolie or beggar. Chinese youth in India lacks confidence, education and foresight. That’s why in their hands, Tangra has fallen, the population shrunken and scared, and who ever is left is planning to run away to Canada, to carry boxes in Walmart (standard coolie). (Well at least running away to Canada is more noble than going away for a few years in Taiwan – That is another sad story of the Chinese youngster’s self indulgence.)

  11. Belinda says:

    Yes,he very reason why people had been coming to Taiwan was either they wanna study Chinese( manadarin ) or they are just waiting for their Canadian ID’s…. as simple as that haha….
    But believe me… Taiwan is a gr8 place… and I’m sure Canada is too… but those who go to Canada from Taiwan usually prefer Taiwan better… Sad that the ex presi…is such an asshole…and stopped u all to settle down here…If people would have known this freaking man will worsen our immigration conditions, people could have easily got their TW ID’s with just one visit…but sadly, many people didnt…
    So overseas in India either end up staying there or try marrying someone abroad or are waiting for their ID’s

  12. Lu says:

    To me he looks like he is lost in time. Has anyone wonder he may have lost his LOVE. He seem to be a nice man. I have so far not heard that he had any wrong doing, he may have been a beggar a cooli to survive but he never steal anything, he may not have anything in his life but he never compared with others of what he dont have. I dont think he is greedy or a selfish person which are hard to find these days.

    I wonder if he has ever fallen in love, how DEEP would that love be.
    I fully respect this person from the bottom of my heart and pray that no one become AH FAT CHONG.

  13. Lu says:

    ops Sorry i meam no one end up like him…………….

  14. holstein says:

    Hi everybody, although the subject has strayed away from the topic of AH FAT CHONG,
    I do agree 100% with what Belinda has written. I have been living
    in Taiwan for the past 20 years. I have been to Canada and USA
    but I still prefer living in Taiwan because over here we are treated
    equally as the locals.. With all this global recession and financial
    tsunami, Taiwan, HKG and China are still doing fine. For the common
    man, one still gets amply rewarded for any efforts he put in his work or
    business here.


  15. KYH says:

    I would like to follow up on “LING TAI” comment, you cannot judge the youth of Tangra by looking at those few percentage of them. Yes they may be living wealthy, lack of confidence, but not the majority of them. I strongly disagree everything you have posted. Shame on you, Your comment about lifting Boxes at Walmart or may be washing Dishes, again Shame on you. Atleast they have a JOB, you know what, IT is not important what you do, but what you become, Yes they might be lifting boxes today but they might be a manager of Walmart in the future, never ever look down on anyone or any JOB, Even if one person is a Striper and does it with INTEGRITY that what makes a Difference. I want to say KUDOS to all who atleast have a JOB. LING TAI, hope you have something better to
    post next time, dont take it personal. Peace out.

    P.S: Mr Liu is a great guy, he have alot of respect and very hard working, Kudos to him. May God Bless you.

  16. RobMoe says:

    Hi all, I am here to answer all your questions and answers once for all. Ah Fat Chong is Liu Fat Chong, a close neighbour and a family friend’s son used to live in Dhapa, a good family indeed and I even know his mother and uncles and cousins etc. Its just something fell apart to his brain and got “bazuk” over the years and wondering of in the city streets, he is not an example of any other Tangra Chinese ! Most Chinese from India are smart and well off too whether living in Kolkata or Toronto as you would guess where they are. So …Ah Fat Chong : good luck to him whereever he is now…And I do not look down on him.

  17. Johnny says:

    Ah Fat Chong is a role model for all Chinese youths in Tangra. He has the wisdom to tell you from top of his head of when Chinese New Year will be in the distant future. you name it, he tells you upfront – like a sort of learned astrologer. He is rightfully acknowledged as a Master (Sifu) by the Tangra Chinese. I know that many local as well as Toronto Tangra youths like to follow his footsteps and be like him when they grow up. Hats off to Ah Fat Chong with thumbs up!!!

  18. Lexus says:

    Ah Fat Chong is a hero of Tangra Chinese youths. While the community salute him, his name should be included in Dhapa blog’s hall of fame together with Meiyang Chang and Cyrus Wong.