47 south tangra road

whats your home address  in  tangra ?

47 south tangra road ..

every household of chinese in tangra share the same address … haha ..

if i’m not wrong i think before when tangra was still a consider a remote place, the chinese in tangra use the address of some club which is now in the chinese market …

does any of you know the exact history of 47 south tangra road …  ?


  1. saxo says:

    where can i find documentries that was made in tangra dhapa???

  2. Howard says:

    You dont. Just hear what the old says. The Calcutta city fathers did not and will not even today provide services to deep Dhapa residents ! I lived in “deep Dhapa” meaning to say very far and remote in Dhapa.(like innercity-in U.S cities) # 47 applied to the whole street that meander from PeiMay Chinese school left to right and applied to all Chinese residents and all they needed to receive their mails were by using their correct Chinese names, since ” everybody knows everybody ” then there was no problem, that was it.