Sing Cheung in new CIT Market, Kolkata

List of Indian Companies in Eastern China

Banking Sector 1

Indian Chinese singer from Kolkata

Top Chinese Companies in India

India is better option for business with its huge market and greater growth that occurs with every passage of year. With craze for European and US market going down, the next big thing for companies from abroad is India. Cheap labor, affordable space and several other factors are contributing to the country being a major […]

Luxuria Heights Kolkata

Luxuria Heights is located at Tangra (also known as China town) in central part of the Kolkata city. It is in proximity to Sealdah Railway Station and number of retail outlets, hospitality spaces, medical facilities and schools. The site is also close to some of the fastest growing pockets of Kolkata – EM Bypass, Rajarhat, […]

Zen – Luxury with Serenity

Chinese school to be re-opened in eastern India city

At a time when bilateral trade, cultural and tourism exchanges between India and China are going up, a Chinese school in India‘s eastern state of West Bengal is likely to see revival.

AQUA BEAUMONT – Kolkata , Bypass

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