Letter To The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh

In January of 2011, AIDCI (Association of India Deoli Camp Internees 1962) sent a second letter to the Indian Prime Minister, appealing for the establishment of an official monument to commemorate the lives lost during the 1962 internment at Deoli. Both the first and second letters have gone unacknowledged and unanswered

Chinese Indians in Canada commemorate 50th anniversary of internment at Deoli Camp

The Hou Brothers – The Deoli Diary

It is a Saturday morning in July when I meet Hou Chao Hua and Hou Tang Hua. They are unmistakably brothers and look very much alike. I had originally come to interview another man, but Ying Sheng Ahpak managed to recruit them and they sat at the “waiting table” drinking tea and eating buns as […]

Indian Classical Music Concert in Taiwan

Hakka Synergy Dance Studio

If you still remember, almost a year back the Sexy & I Know It (Hakka) by Synergy Dance Studio Fatt Choi Song went viral.

Sabah Hakka Style – Gangnam Style Parody

With the Gangnam style fever going around the world, check out this funny hakka style

Our Trampled Days

THE ROAD TO DEOLI Our Trampled Days

Thomas Chen make to round 3 of mobi-sur contest

Congrats to Thomas Chen for making to round 3 of mobi-sur contest !!! Below is the message from Thomas Chen for all of you who have supported him:

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