1962 Sino-Indian War – 50 Anniversary

The rest of the world may have forgotten the anniversary, but a neglected border war that took place 50 years ago is now more pertinent than ever. Before dawn on the morning of Oct. 20, 1962, the People’s Liberation Army launched a surprise attack, driving with overwhelming force through the eastern and western sections of […]

Pitch Fest Competition for Entrepreneurs at iLead on Nov 1st

On November 1st, at iLEAD in Kolkata, India, 10 companies will be selected to pitch their businesses to Sramana Mitra, one of Silicon Valley’s top strategists. Each 5-minute pitch will be followed by a 5-minute strategic analysis by Sramana.

Visiting my birthplace in India helped me understand my parents better

I’m Chinese but was born in India. In 1983, when I was 3, I immigrated with my family to Toronto from Calcutta. We were a typical Chinese immigrant family, except we happened to be from India.

Indian Chinese in Chennai

Some take him for a Bengali, while others dismiss him as a foreigner. But Dr Sen is neither. He is the friendly neighbourhood dentist on Chennai‘s busy Evening Bazaar Road who effortlessly switches from speaking to patients in Madras Tamil to chat in a south central Chinese dialect to his wife Shieh Shih Yu.

You are my eyes by Thomas Chen

Thomas Chen make to round 2 of mobi-sur contest

Many of you already Vote for Thomas Chen in Mobisur Contest Round 1 and guess what ?!? He have make it to Round 2!!