Chinese Dancing Bollywood Tracks

Two pretty chinese ladies in canada dancing indian bollywood music tracks at a wedding party ceremony.

Toronto Hakka Festival 2010 Talents

Hakka Chinese in Toronto singing old hindi songs at Toronto Hakka Festival 2010 Talents

Hakka in Mauritius

The vast majority of Mauritian Chinese are Hakkas. Most of the Mauritian Hakkas emigrated to Mauritius in the mid 1940?s came from the Guangdong province, especially from the Meizhou or Meixian region.

Talk on Indian-Chinese Internment in 1962

The 1962 Chinese debacle saw them interned and released after 1966 to find their property confiscated. Many moved to Canada, Hong Kong and some even back to Mainland China. The blind-striving by land-deprived peasants in John Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’ must have seemed like a picnic for these latest set of Chinese refugees.

Deoli Camp: An Oral History of Chinese Indians from 1962 to 1966

Deoli Camp: An Oral History of Chinese Indians  from 1962 to 1966 by Kwai-Yun Li

Hakka in Jamaica

Most Chinese Jamaicans are Hakka and can trace their origin to the Chinese labourers that came to Jamaica in the mid-19th to early 20th centuries. The British parliament made a study of prospects for Chinese migration to the West Indies in 1811, and in 1843 made an attempt to recruit Chinese workers to come to […]