Active Acres off E M Bypass , Kolkata

Federick Restaurant

Federick Restaurant

Indo-Sino border war prompted odyssey to Canada

Josie Axelsen: Indo-Sino border war prompted odyssey to Canada Josie Axelsen, Vancouver Sun Published: Monday, July 07, 2008 The guns could be heard crackling at the McMahon demarcation line along the India-China border in the northern frontier mountain ranges which are part of the majestic Himalayan chain. The Indian and Chinese border guards were engaged […]

Hiland Park

Hiland Park Kolkata is the latest condominium complex in the city. It has the current tallest building of the city which is 28 storeys. But this will soon be eclipsed by several taller buildings under construction and proposed.

From Achipur to Tangra

A revival of Calcutta’s Indian Chinese community may be imminent, after decades of neglect and immigration.

Dhapa Dumping ground to be shut by 2010

Dhapa used to be famous for Dumping ground but with recent years of development of ITC Sonar Bangla, 5 Stars Hotel & Silver Spring in this area, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to close down a part of the Dhapa Dumping ground by April 2010 for remediation. Around 8.5 hectares of the 35-hectare […]

Natural Top

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