Kolkata Chinatown dream takes shape

Finally, the city will have its own Chinatown. The state tourism development corporation and the tourism board of Kunming in south-east China’s Yunnan province have entered into an agreement to jointly promote Tangra as a tourist destination and develop it along the lines of the famous Chinese hubs in London, New York City, Los Angeles, […]

Calcutta Mercy Centre

Hakka Earth Dwellings

Hakka Earth Dwellings [Civilization & Innovation]

Hakka People

A Vast Majority of the Chinese in India are Hakka Chinese. So who are Hakka People ?

Leather Tanning Training at Kolkata

The state has allotted a 2,700sq m plot in the Calcutta Leather Complex in Bantala to set up the Tanning Training and Service Centre with help from Italy. S.S. Kumar, the chairman of the Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology, said this on Thursday.

WB govt takes the shine off Tangra

Tangra is synonymous with the leather industry in Kolkata but the West Bengal government’s drive to push the leather tanneries out of Tangra, comes as a double whammy for the tanners themselves who are already feeling the heat of the economic slowdown.

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