Kolkata Chinese Celebrate China National Day

Celebrate 59th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China , Successfully hosted Beijing Olympic Games and Highest Gold Medal Winner Dinner Party.

Fitness Club Kolkata

Happy Moon Festival

Tangra Restaurant

Tangra Restaurantis situated in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) famous for Chinese food. Food from Tangra restaurants is a distinct variety of traditional Chinese food adapted to Indian ingredients and the Bengali palate. This has spread to the rest of India, along with the recipes earlier unique to Tangra.

China inaugurates its consulate in Kolkata

Chinese Interpreter Job

When Kadambari Chitre decided to enrol for a Chinese language course after graduation, her friends and classmates were quite baffled by her decision. They could not understand the significance of learning a language at a time when they themselves were queuing up for management courses. But Chitre knew exactly what she was doing.

China India Trade

Bilateral trade between China and India is expected to hit US$20 billion this year, fulfilling the target set by both governments two years ahead of schedule.

Indian Vs Chinese

Why Chinese cannot do business with Indian? Watch this Funny video about Chinese Vs Indian and you would know why.