First Chinese in India, Tong Achi at Achipur

For most Calcuttans, food is the main draw at China Town. Others mostly go there to buy shoes or to get their dry cleaning done. But the Chinese community in the city has much more to offer than proficiency in a handful of trades. Their history is illustrious and dates back more than a couple […]

Indian Idol F4 Boy Band Coming to Chinatown

From what i heard, the Famous Indian Idol F4 Boy Band is comin’ to Chinatown this sunday for shooting their new MV.

Buddha Light International Association Kolkata

Bentick Street Chinese Shoe Shops

even a few years ago, shoes from good old chinese shops were in great demand among middleclass puja shoppers. strappy sandals, stilettos, block heels, ballerinas were big draws in the women’s section while formal and informal shoes in myriad styles and colours attracted all-budget buyers in the men’s section.

The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories

The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories: and other stories by Kwai-Yun Li. TSAR Publications, P.O. Box 6996, Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1X7, Canada. 108 pages. $18.95.

Hakka Indian Style Chinese Cuisine

Yet another Famous Hakka Indian Style Chinese Restuarant in foreign land.

Kolkata Chinese Feng Shui Master

Kolkata China Para

THERE’S NOTHING quite like a wintry Sunday morning in Kolkata’s bustling Chinatown, where, amidst the aroma of soya sauce and sesame oil, India’s magical diversity reaffirms itself. Sun Yat Sen Street, named after the “father of modern China” is where it all happens, where you best get the feel of a “china-para”.

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