Beijing Chinese Restaurant in Tangra

Liu gauged the success of Kimling for eight long years before she decided to delve deeper into the culinary business. Her second venture Beijing upped its shutters on 77/1 Christopher Road in 1999.

Tangra Kafulok Restaurant

Quite a long trek from the main food hub, Kafulok is tucked away in one of the bylanes of Tangra. But that doesn’t prevent the restaurant from having a full house on weekend evenings.

Dhapa Amusement Park

What is an eyesore today, will be a tourist draw tomorrow. Come 2008, an amusement park will open doors at Dhapa.

Learning Chinese to gain employment edge

Learning a foreign language has always been a means of expanding one’s vistas. But unlike yesteryears when French and German ruled the roost, more and more youths are now lining up to learn Chinese to gain an edge in job opportunities.

Learn Chinese in India

WHY TO LEARN CHINESE? What is generally referred to as Chinese is in fact the language of China’s largest nationality, the Hans. It is the main language spoken in China and one of the world’s major languages. It is not only the official language of China but also the working language in international forums. Its […]

Chinese Diaspora in India

Ethnic Minority Community in a Transnational World: The Case of Chinese Diaspora in India by Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, Junior Research Fellow (UGC) at the University of Hyderabad.

Chinese Embassy in India Hosts New Year Tea Party

Little China Stays Alive in Eastern India

The unveiling of yet another road sign is no spectacular event in this busy capital of West Bengal state and eastern India’s main metropolis. Yet it drew a crowd of curious passers by.

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