Pou Chong Brothers – Kolkata Chinese Sauce Manufacturer

Pou Chong Brothers Pvt. Ltd., for the past 50 years has always been committed to providing quality products and services. This commitment has made it a symbol of quality and trust. We have been operating across three different areas, Chinese food products, Jewellery and Leather.

Chinese Indian Idol – MeiYang Chang

Sing Cheung Sauce Company

The Sing Cheung Company, maker of chilli, garlic and soysauce, is responsible for the sweet smell of molasses wafting into the street in dhapa.

Tangra Wok Indian Chinese Restaurant

After knowing there is a tangra masala , i google searched and found out yet another pretty famous tangra chinese indian restaurant that have mushroomed out from it’s orgins … here is a small brief introduction of TangraWok

Tangra Masala Review

I didn’t know that Chinese Indian food orgin from tangra is also famous worldwide … Below is a review of tangra masala indian chinese restaurant by NYIndia.us

Kolkata Knight Riders

Cricket Fever is here again in Kolkata !! it’s Time for the IPL kolkata KnightRiders

chinese interpreter in india

Are  you doing business with the chinese ? having trouble communicating with the chinese ? well we can help you out.

Olympics & Chinese Consulate in Kolkata

Understandably perturbed over the barrage of criticism his country is facing on the eve of an event — the Olympics — it had staked its prestige on, the Chinese Consul General in Kolkata, Mao Siwei, declared that mixing sport and politics, as the Tibetans and some of their supporters were trying to do, was a […]

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